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David Wood Kitchens
Lesley 1318514387

I am so happy with my new kitchen which looks like heaven thanks to the great team of David Woods. All the materials are of high quality and the design is astonishing! I highly recommend this company!
Calmore Woodcraft
Joana 1318335311

I have the kitchen of my dreams, thanks to Calmore Woodcraft, who made it come true!
CRG Kitchens.
Fred 1318258079

CRG Kitchens took care of my kitchen installation from start to finish. They were prompt, polite and professional.Highly recommend their services!
Reform Kitchens
Franny 1317885822

This company performed their duties excellent, my kitchen looks astonishing now. I have never seen such professionalism and quality job in so little time!
Renaissance Properties (UK) Ltd
Johnson 1317644984

I was delighted with the service I received from Renaissance Properties UK Ltd. They helped me to design and then fit the kitchen which I absolutely love. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Rebeca 1317638457

I am extremely pleased with my kitchen from Interfitxtra. The quality is exactly what they promised to be. They have provided an excellent service. Highly recommend!
Creative Interior Solutions
Gabriel 1317119270

Finally I have the kitchen of my dreams - neat and stylish, comfortable and cozy, I just love it! Thanks to Creative Interior Solutions I enjoy cooking much more!
Olive Tree Kitchens & Bathrooms
Cleo 1315909605

The kitchen in our apartment I can call now My Kitchen, because it is so stylish and comfortable, made exactly for me! Thanks to Olive Tree Kitchens I am happy to cook there and enjoy it!
Real Wood Kitchens
Pam 1315570873

We trusted Real Wood Kitchens with our kitchen renovation and the delivered a unique design and perfect fitting. Kudos!
Paul Brignall & Son Ltd
Nadin 1315399987

They did a really good job for our kitchen, advised us very wisely and we want to recommend them!
Jill 1314015922

They have designed and manufactured my dream kitchen.I am really satisfied with their services cause they really performed an excellent job in a very short time.And the price was really great.Thank you!
Design Matters
Doris 1313496178

The specialists from Design Matters offered me so many and nice decisions that I could hardly make a choice... Now I have the best kitchen and I am extremely happy!
Bonds of Brewood
Vivian 1313482698

When we were repairing our home, I turned to Bonds of Brewood to take care for the kitchen, they did everything extremely professional, on time, in short term and a really acceptable price! I have no words to say how comfortable and cozy is my kitchen now! Thank you!
Superior Cabinets LTD
Mark 1313144967

Superior Cabinets' services excels with precision and quality. They carried out a kitchen fitting job for me some time ago and the results were fascinating. I get compliments from guests all the time! Thank you! I'd certainly call for their help again.
Bonds of Brewood
Graham Bradley 1308582921

Mr. Bond changed a basin tap in our bathroom. He was punctual, very pleasant and knowledgeable. He was straight talking, gave good advice and I knew that he was not trying to rip me off. He did an excellent job and I will definitely contact him when it is time to replace my bathroom suite.
P A L Bedrooms & Kitchens
Joanne Ashton 1289836259

Excellent Quality and Service!
Hannaway P & A
Catherine Keenan 1288714997

Purchased two sets of wardrobes and utility room cupboards. The facing on all the doors have come away from the core and Hannaways are blaming the suppliers and will only replace at my expense! Couldn't recommend this company.
Mumbles Kitchen Studio
Chris 1288274943

A rather rude saleswoman there. Does not want to know unless purchasing the absolute cabinets, worktops etc. I'd trying buying worktops there and all that she was interested in was giving me nasty comments because I didn't purchase the actually cabinets from there and tried to charge unrealistic prices for bolts and cuttung the tops to size.
P & R Designs
Eilis McKay 1283249599

I am writing this review because when trying to decide whether to use this company, I tried to research the opinions of others but couldn't find anything on the internet. Despite this, I decided to use them based on the wonderful sales pitch. Please note that this is not a review of the company's product as I have not yet had the wardrobe fitted but more of a warning to others that they don't naively pay a deposit in good faith (stupid, I know). I paid my deposit on 31/7 and was told that the "professional drawing" would be ready in a couple of days and the fitting carried out 1st week of September. After chasing my drawing, I was eventually e-mailed what can only be described as a pretty cartoon which did not reflect the wardrobe I had ordered, the materials, any reference to a warranty etc. In fact the cartoon had "computer impression only, not to form part of any contract" and "no drawing will be released until an order has been confirmed" stamped all over it. When I phoned to request the drawing be released I was told that they don't normally put anything contractual or warrenty related down on paper.....unbelievable! Is this company serious? Do they expect me to let fitters in and fit whatever they want? However, after a bit of debating, I was told that they could "do something" for me....yeh, right! Anyway, tomorrow is the 1st September and I still don't have a drawing, nor have I received a call to organise a fitting or an explanation for a delay. I do hope that the fitting side of this company is more professional than the commercial. If you do decide to use this company, please obtain the drawing/installation period etc when you place your deposit as P&R's promises to "tidy-up" paperwork afterwards aren't worth much.
D & D Kitchen & Design
Rose Kerr 1280939956

KITCHEN FROM HELL stay away if you want a kitchen. i have been left with half a kitchen, no doors, no handles and all the appliances i had chosen where the worng ones and they would not give me the ones i wanted. i am going to have to get someone else to finnish the kitchen.

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